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1835 - The Companies

The Start Pack (1) - The Private Companies

Company Brief Summary of Extra Attributes
(see rule book for complete definitions)
Cost Revenue
Nürnberg-Fürth Player gets 10% ByE. Company lay marker on L14 DM100 DM5
Ostbayereische Bahn Player gets 10% ByE. Company lay tile on M15, M17 DM120 DM10
Pfalzbahnen Player gets 10% ByE. Company lay tile & marker on L6 DM150 DM15
Leipzig-Dresdener Bahn Player gets SxE Director's Cert DM190 DM20
Braunschweigische Bahn Converts to 10% PrE DM130 DM25
Hannoversche Bahn Converts to 10% PrE DM160 DM30

The Start Pack (2) - The Minor Companies

  Company Start Hex Converts to Cost
M1 Bergisch-Märkische Bahn H2 5% PrE DM80
M2 Berlin-Potsdamer Bahn E19 10% PrE DM170
M3 Magdeburger Bahn F14 5% PrE DM80
M4 Köln-Mindener Bahn G5 10% PrE DM160
M5 Berlin Stettiner Bahn E19 5% PrE DM80
M6 Altona-Kiel Bahn C11 5% PrE DM80

The Start Pack (3) - Other Companies

Company Cost
ByE Director's Certificate DM184

The Public Companies

Company Abbreviation Start from / Home Station
Town Hex
Bayern ByE Munich [H12] 5 1 1
Sachsen SxE Leipzig [H16] 3 1 2
Baden BaE Mannheim [L6] 2 2 1
Württemburg WtE Stuttgart [M9] 2 2 2
Hessen HeE Frankfurt [J8] 2 2 3
Mecklenburg MsE Schwerin [C13] 2 3 1
Oldenburg OlE Oldenburg [D6] 2 3 2
Prussian PrE Berlin [E19] 7 x x

The following is for the ordinary game, if a Thompson variant is being played then refer to that page.
All new shares in each Sale Group must be sold before shares in the next Sale Group are available.
Once Company 1 within a Sale Group is floated (50% sold) the shares in Company 2 become available and so on.
The Prussian Shares are available once the Badische Director's certificate is bought,
and do not have to be sold before progression to Sales Group 3 happens.

Note that all the public companies have a token on the SPI in addition to the tokens shown above for station marker use.