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John's 18XX Site -- 1870 Section

1870 - Home Page

This part of the site is intended to provide the player in my e-mail games of 1870 with a quick reference to the main points of the game.

Players should have access to a copy of the original rules and game as published by Mayfair. The rulebook that I have is marked ©1992, 1995 Mayfair Games Inc.
1870 rulebooks are available for download from various sites on the internet, but please be aware that some do not agree with the rule book as published and included in the game by Mayfair and as such should be treated with caution.
One significant area of difference is in price protection. The rules as published by Mayfair prohibit a President from price protecting shares in a company if he has already sold any shares in that company during the current SR. This is the ruling that I use.

These pages are not a substitute for the Game and Rulebook and indeed are not intended to be.

The game rulebook will always take precedence over this site for the determination of rule resolution.
However note that the House Rules/Guidance Notes make some exceptions to this. See them.

You are referred to Blackwater Station Platform for rule clarifications and generally loads of good info about the 18XX games in general.

Visit Blackwater Station Platform.

Keith Thomasson maintains a good website which includes the 18XX Rules Difference list which indicates the differences between the different 18XX games.

Visit the Rules Difference Section of Keith's site.

Keith does have downloadable maps and tile sheets, but take care with the tile sheets as he uses his own orientation codes which do not always agree with those that I use.

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The maps on this site are based on those created by Rob Thomasson and are used with his permission.