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John's 18XX Site -- MainLine Section

Fourtrack Mainline - Front Page

This section is intended to provide the player in my e-mail games with an overview of the rules of conduct for the games.

Reports on the games in progress can be found by visiting the relevent game section.
ie to see what's happening in 1830P13 Click on the "30" icon in the left column and then select the game number from the top menu.

Alternatively download all the latest results and associated maps from the "Receiving Results & Download of Results" section above.

The Submitting Orders page contains information on several aspects of the games.
1) Genral rule clarifications and information on how the games will be run.
2) How I expect you to compose your orders.
3) How unordered situations will be handled.
There is also a link to download a pdf version of the page.

You are referred to Blackwater Station Platform for rule clarifications and generally loads of good info about the 18XX games in general.
Visit Blackwater Station Platform.

Keith Thomasson maintains a good website which includes the 18XX Rules Difference list which indicates the differences between the different 18XX games.
Visit the Rules Difference Section of Keith's site.

Keith does have downloadable maps and tile sheets, but take care with the tile sheets as he uses his own orientation codes which do not always agree with those that I use.