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Marston Abbotts

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This 4mm:foot EM Gauge layout which has had several owners over the years was first exhibited in Autumn 1989.
I'm intending to give fuller explanation later.
It currently lives with me down here in North Gironde.

An idea of what it is all about can be gained from the notes that were submitted to exhibition organisers for use in the programme.

Programme notes for the BR(GE) & BR(M) version.

It is somewhere on the boundary of the BR(GE) and BR(M) regions sometime between the end of the second world war and the end of steam on BR.  The Wadworth Valley Railway is still doing the job that its promoters envisaged.  The freight trains carry away the local produce, including ale from the local brewery which has a private gated siding off the goods yard.  The passenger trains wend their way between the terminus at Marston Abbots and Theakstone, the junction with the main line.  The tram line towards the canal basin and the "industrialised" area of the town still carries a fair amount of goods and the occasional workers tram, there are rumours though that "they be a going to try one of them new fangled diesel engines on it soon".

The large companies weren't interested in building a line along the valley, so the local tradesmen and landowners formed their own company.  The services of Arthur Pain, who had already created a reputation for himself with his designs of buildings for other independent railways, were obtained.  The line prospered and retained its independence until the Grouping.  Messers Saxby and Farmer were engaged to provide the necessary signalling works for the line.

By the use of buildings based on the designs of Arthur Pain we have created the impression of an independent company and this is enhanced by the use of Saxby and Farmer signals and signal box.  (It had to be thus as we all have our own view as to which was the Proper Railway!)

The two photos below were taken during the Waveney Valley MRC's 2004 Southwold Exhibition at Saint Felix School,
unfortunately I can't remember who took them, probably either Philip McGovern or David Devon.

This first view is looking from the station towards the main fiddle yard.
Of the two operators a much younger yours truly is on the left with one of the other co-owners, Chris Ellicott, on the right.

First Southwold Photo

This second view is looking the other way towards the station and the tram fiddle yard.

Second Southwold Photo

The current control panel diagram, most certainly not to scale, gives a sort of idea of what is where.

Track schematic

Meanwhile a few images of activity at the end of the branch.

tram arriving

N2 plus passenger train

Buckjumper shunting

Diesel tram plus freight train

Parcels train

Some repair work on the goods yard roadway

Now a few items making solo appearances:

J19/2 Locomotive

GER Loco Sand wagon

LNER 20T Loco Coal wagon

M&GNR 6 wheel ex-MR coach

That's all for now......

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