West Suffolk Light Railway

This 7mm:foot layout is currently no more than an assorted group of ideas within my brain and so there isn't much to say about it, other than one day it may see the light of day.

The idea for this project began when I started to build some 7mm scale stock to run on the Watford & District MRC's layout Smug Oak.

The West Suffolk Light Railway was conceived as a means of linking Haverhill a town situated in the extreme south west corner of West Suffolk and already linked to Cambridge and Colchester by the Stour Valley line of the GER and to Halstead by the Colne Valley Railway to Bury St Edmunds, the County Town, and also to Newmarket. As was often the case the project didn't quite make it to completion and the line sort of fizzled out near the Thurlows. A White Knight in the shape of a certain Colonel Stephens came to the rescue and managed to keep it going in spite of reality, as he did with several other companies.

Some images of the rolling stock follow:

GER 3plank dropside and end

GER van 620735

GER van 620879

TVR Macaw F

CR pig iron open

LNWR Diag84 open

MR 10T Fruit Van

LMS 12T D1664 Van

NBR Open

Now an item that was not built for use on Smug Oak, although it did make an occasional guest appearance on it.
KESR Railcar

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