Stratford - 30A

In February 1950 Stratford had sub-sheds at, in alphabetical order,
Brentwood, Chelmsford, Enfield Town, Epping, Palace Gates, Spitalfields, Ware and Wood Street (Walthamstow).

By October 1954 the following changes had occured, Ware was a sub-shed to Hertford East and Palace Gates had closed.
Brentwood closed following the withdrawl of the shunting loco used there, 15098, 4 September 1956.
Enfield Town and Wood Street were scheduled to close on 21 November 1960 with the inauguration of the NE London electrification.

Colchester, formerly 30E became a sub-shed to Stratford when it was closed as a main shed 2 November 1959.
Tilbury, formerly 33B, became a sub-shed to Stratford when it closed as a main shed.
Stratford was closed to steam in September 1962 and all its remaining steam locomotives were transferred away.

Unusually the allocation for sheds 30B (Hertford East), 30C (Bishops Stortford) and 30D (Southend Victoria) were shown as allocated to Stratford and transfers between them were not recorded.

I haven't picked up all the transfers to Departmental Stock (it's one of the works in progress), so some of the Departmental Stock used at Stratford Works is listed under its previous number.

DMUs were allocated to Stratford from March 1956.

The locomotive allocation is available in two formats:
Firstly in an "Ongoing Allocations" format lists the locomotives allocated on an approximately six monthly basis.
Secondly in an "Allocation Summary" fomat that shows how many locomotives were allocated in a class by class basis.

View the ongoing allocations as a web page

View the allocation summary as a web page

Download a pdf version of the ongoing allocations - approx 121kB

Download a pdf version of the allocation summary - approx 71kB

The DMU allocation is also available as an ongoing allocation web page
and also as a downloadable pdf - approx 33kB

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