Cambridge - 31A

In February 1950 Cambridge had sub-sheds at Ely, Huntingdon East, Saffron Walden and Thaxted.

The sub shed at Thaxted was closed from 13 September 1952, following the withdrawl of passenger services between Thaxted and Elsenham.

Note that according to the June 1957 Railway Observer "It appears to be no longer the policy to give transfers between Cambridge (31A) and Bury (31E)..."
In view of this subsequent allocations may contain some errors. Amongst other projects, I am currently attempting to resolve matters.

DMUs were allocated to Cambridge from April 1958.

The locomotive allocation is available in two formats:
Firstly in an "Ongoing Allocations" format lists the locomotives allocated on an approximately six monthly basis.
Secondly in an "Allocation Summary" fomat that shows how many locomotives were allocated in a class by class basis.

View the ongoing allocations as a web page

View the allocation summary as a web page

Download a pdf version of the ongoing allocations - approx 67kB

Download a pdf version of the allocation summary - approx 33kB

The DMU allocation is also available as an ongoing allocation web page
and also as a downloadable pdf - approx 32kB

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