Loco Sheds in the BR(GE) area

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Many years ago, when an electric typewriter was a luxury and Clive Sinclair had yet to create the ZX81, I began to compile a listing of the allocations for the East Anglian loco sheds from the issues of the Ian Allan Loco Shed Books that I had at the time, or could borrow from friends.   Later I had access to some of the BR locomotive change sheets and was able to use those to get what I thought was a better result. For the periods where these change sheets weren't available I used the reports in the Railway Observer (RO), the monthly journal of the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society (RCTS).

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The guidelines and definitions that I have used in compiling the data are mainly my own invention and I have tried to summarise them on this page.   The format that I use for displaying the allocations is also explained there.   They may not tally with your own ideas, but they are what I have used.

Allocations are given for May and November for most years.
You should note that if a locomotive, or DMU, both arrived and departed between these dates then it will not appear on the pages.   This is the case for the short term seasonal transfers.
On the web pages a selection of dates is given at the top of the page to permit easier access to later dates.

At the moment the lists end in 1965 or when the shed lost its allocation, whichever is earlier.   I am slowly extending the end dates, but it all takes time.  Information on sub shed allocations will be added at some stage, but for now they are simply mentioned under their parent shed and not specifically indicated on the map.

At the moment some sheds are only available as a downloadable pdf for the whole period, whilst I create the web pages.

Click on the shed name to see the allocations from 1948 - 1965.

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Click on the shed name to see the allocations from 1948 - 1965.

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