Useful References

Locomotives of the LNER

Often referred to as the "Green Bible".
Published by The Railway Travel & Correspondance Society, this is a series of 11 volumes, some sub-divided, that are highly regarded.   Unfortunately many are now out of print and only available second hand.

Yeadon's Register of LNER Locomotives

A series of some 50 volumes that covers the history of LNER locomotives and includes data on overhauls, modifications, runumberings and transfers.
It has many illustrations and complements the RCTS volumes.
Now published by Booklaw Publications, the volumes are available direct and also from many transport orientated shops and book dealers.

A Pictorial Record of British Railways Diesel Multiple Units

Written by Brian Golding and published by Chenoa Publications in 1995, I find this a very useful book with its phots and drawings to 4mm scale.   I think that it is now out of print as it doesn't feature on the Chenoa list.

The Allocation History of BR Diesel Multiple Units

Written and published by Roger Harris This is a series of 5 parts, unfortunately parts 1, 2 & 3 are now (April 2023) well out of print. Originally priced at £21.50 second hand copies seem to be priced in the region of £40 - £80.
For information the contents are:
Part 1 Number series 50000 - 51828
Part 2 Number series 51829 - 56504
Part 3 Number series 59000 - 59842, 78501 - 78975, 79000 - 79999
plus DEMU 60000 - 60999, Blue Pullmans, GWR Railcars
Part 4 Second and Third Generation units plus HST stock
Part 5 Second and Third Generation units plus HST stock - Final update

The BR Database

An interesting and useful site for locomotives.   It is a work in progress and contains lots of information.
You can find it here.

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