The Valley Walk
Sudbury, Suffolk
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In July 2010 & again in September 2010 I went for strolls along parts of the Valley Walk that has been created on the trackbed of the old Stour Valley Line from near the Waitrose carpark in central Sudbury to near Rodbridge Corner in Long Melford.
The July walk was from the Waitrose carpark to Ballingdon Street Bridge,
and in September I went from Ballingdon Bridge as far as the road to Borley Hall.

The photos that I took follow.

The Stour Valley Line originally ran from Marks Tey, on the London to Colchester line, to Shelford, on the London to Cambridge line, via Sudbury and Haverhill. Trains usually ran through to Colchester and Cambridge raher than terminating at the junction station. The section from Sudbury to Shelford was closed in 1967.

Setting the Scene
OS map
1inch : 1 mile

Click on map
to see larger version.
OS Map
The descriptive panel is rather faded now and in need of some attention.

July 2010.
Descriptive Panel
Sudbury Riverside
a descriptive panel of the area around the Valley Walk

July 2010.
Riverside panel
The descriptive panel at the access point by Ballingdon Bridge

September 2010.
 Ballingdon Bridge panel
Sign at the Skew Bridge

September 2010.
 Skew Bridge Sign
Close up of part of the sign at the Skew Bridge.
Sorry about the quality,
or rather lack of.

September 2010.
 Skew Bridge Sign

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